Upcoming Event – Tuesday Aug. 2 Lunch & Learn

Heritage Days are this weekend, buy cialis and I am sure many of you will enjoy the wonderful cuisine from around the world.  On Tuesday, order we have a wonderful surprise for you.  Sylvia Benjamin will be our Lunch and Learn speaker.  We have acquired a wonderful menu of East Indian Delights that you are sure to enjoy.  Plan on lunch at the centre – Tuesday, August 2.  You will not be disappointed.  Looking forward to seeing you right after the long weekend.

Sylvia Benjamin on ‘Growing Up Jewish in India’

Tuesday, Aug 2 – Lunch and Learn

East Indian Cuisine (guaranteed tasty but NOT hot):

Machchi (Fish) Curry
Matar Pulao (Yellow Rice with Peas)
Dal Moong (Red Lentils)
Cucumber Raita and other side dishes
Surprise Dessert

Please come to hear a most interesting talk and enjoy a delicious meal!