Upcoming Event – Tuesday Aug. 2 Lunch & Learn

Heritage Days are this weekend, buy cialis and I am sure many of you will enjoy the wonderful cuisine from around the world.  On Tuesday, order we have a wonderful surprise for you.  Sylvia Benjamin will be our Lunch and Learn speaker.  We have acquired a wonderful menu of East Indian Delights that you are sure to enjoy.  Plan on lunch at the centre – Tuesday, August 2.  You will not be disappointed.  Looking forward to seeing you right after the long weekend.

Sylvia Benjamin on ‘Growing Up Jewish in India’

Tuesday, Aug 2 – Lunch and Learn

East Indian Cuisine (guaranteed tasty but NOT hot):

Machchi (Fish) Curry
Matar Pulao (Yellow Rice with Peas)
Dal Moong (Red Lentils)
Cucumber Raita and other side dishes
Surprise Dessert

Please come to hear a most interesting talk and enjoy a delicious meal!

Upcoming Event – Rosebud Theatre

Don’t miss the chance to take a day trip to Rosebud to see a Tony award nominated play!

“From the author of Doubt and Moonstruck comes a romantic comedy set in rural Ireland. Anthony and Rosemary are lovelorn farmers who haven’t got a clue when it comes to love. These hopeless singletons will need to overcome a bitter land feud, familial rivalries and their own romantic fears to find happiness. Full of dark humor and poetic prose, John Patrick Shanley’s tenderhearted portrait reminds us it’s never too late to take a chance on love.”

(Seattle Repertory Theatre)

Rosebud Theatre