February 2016 President’s Post

Dear Members, doctor

I would like to welcome our 30 new members who joined us in 2015! Please feel free to introduce yourselves to others and do not hesitate to communicate with people at our Centre. We have been spoiled by this warm winter weather, try and it has made it possible for us to plan and implement a number of interesting programs and activities for you.

I am sure you enjoyed our Annual Hanukkah Latkes Lunch that brought together more than 130 guests, and also enjoyed some of the following events: the best memories of your youth in Edmonton, with internationally recognized photographer David Aaron; learned many new facts and figures about the current situation in Israel with our knowledgeable speaker, Abe Silverman; enriched your experience about opera Carmen with Dr. Maduro; enjoyed Ruth Nolan’s presentation of her new children’s book, learned how to organize and obtained tips on de-cluttering, and celebrated Tu B’Shevat with us.

If you spend time with us, you won’t have a chance to stop and hibernate this winter! Stay active and have fun at your Centre. Please see the detailed descriptions of events and sign up early for our upcoming programs, in order to help us to serve you better.

Here are some of the varied options you have to support your Centre: sponsor a newsletter issue, a lunch, a special event, a particular program you enjoy most, or purchase a lunch card or fitness card for your friend or family member. You might also consider becoming a volunteer!

We all look forward to seeing you, often, at the Centre!

Hal Simons, President