volunteers cooking

Volunteering at the Centre

Some quotes from our volunteers:
“Volunteering at the Centre brought me a sense of fulfilment and many new friends”
“I love to feel that I am needed and that I am enhancing people’s lives”
“After my retirement volunteering lets me continue to use my skills and expertise. It makes me makes me feel good”

Rewarding opportunities are available to you in the following areas:

  • Food preparation
    o Hands on in the kitchen
    o Lunchtime set up and clearing
    o Lunchtime table service
  • Office tasks
  • Reception Desk
  • Communications
    o Phoning
    o Writing news articles
  • Program Committee
  • Present a Program on a topic of interest to you

To discuss any of the above please call our volunteer Volunteer
Co-ordinator, Louise, at 780 488 4241